Motor engineering

We remanufacture all diesel and internal combustion engines.

Our motor engineering services include:

  • Motor engineering remanufacturing
    • Line-boring of blocks and cylinders
    • Reboring of cylinder blocks
    • Grinding of crankshafts
    • Resizing of conrods
    • Resizing of main bearing tunnels
    • Remachining of cylinder heads
    • Surface grinding
    • Deutz engine blower testing
    • Dynamometer testing of engines
    • Flywheel and propshaft balancing
    • Aluminium welding
    • Ultrasonic degreasing and differential pressure testing of oil coolers   
  • Diesel fuel injection
    • Rebuilding and calibration of diesel fuel injection systems
  • Auto electrical services
    • Rebuilding and testing of starters and alternators
  • Turbochargers
    • Refurbishment of all types of turbochargers
  • Spare parts and support services
    • Supply of spares for Deutz, Bosch, Diesel Electric, Perkins and Mercedes Benz
    • Supply of service exchange units

  • Field support service on site

Accreditation and Certification

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