Our view of the future

At the VME Group (Pty) Ltd, we have a positive view of ongoing success in the future based on our sound vision, mission and values.

Our vision:

  • The vision of the VME Group (Pty) Ltd is to triple our revenue by 2018 whilst remaining the best motor engineering business in the areas in which we operate. 
  • We will achieve this through guaranteeing that all our stakeholders’ interests are met, which will ensure a sustainable existence for our staff, customers, community and shareholders.

Our mission:

  • The mission of the VME Group (Pty) Ltd is to always be Versatile, Motivated and Experienced, to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • We are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of the quality of work environments through the supply of reduced emissions engines. 

Our values: 

  • The values that guide us at the VME Group (Pty) Ltd include teamwork, respect, integrity, communication, innovation and commitment.

Accreditation and Certification

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